Sonntag, 7. August 2011

a complete other side of my work and the love for wonderful (film) costumes... / meine selbst genähten (Film)Kostüme...

For it is definitely more like automn, I thought it's time to post some of my work I sewed. Not recently because of being busy with the house and garden. But approximately 2 jears ago. And as far as I'm considering it now, I guess it should soon be time for facing the next piece of (elvish) clothing.
But let's first go back to the beginning... As most people who have ever met me do know, I am a huge fan (or freak, as some of my friends fondly call me) of Tolkien and his work, especially the Lord of the Rings. I've read it many times and the number of how much I saw the film trilogy has increased to uncountable amount of times (let's say I know most text passages very well :-)

So my love to Middle-Earth and indeed all other fairy, elvish and mythical stuff gives a pretty intesively passion. As I was totally inspired by the beaty of the film costumes and really fascinatetd of extraordinary clothes, it isn't far-fetched that I decided to sew my own Arwen-Costume... and the one I liked most, was the requiem dress.

(I haven't made the cloak yet, but I'd  definitely like to do it one day)

This decision was made very fast, but the realization prozess took quite a long time. For I had to create a pattern out of nothing (or just the short view in the film). As this was done, I struggled with the right fabric and I noticed again, that I live in country where you don't get useful und nice fabric anyway - except you pay very much for it. Therefore I went for velvet and silver border. As you maybe see, I did a far easier version without an under and over dress, like she wears in the film. Also I didn't get such a rich and wonderful silver border...

Sewing the dress was not very difficult and the most time took me to get a pattern and to embroider the top of the sleeves with silver thread and tiny pearls - of course all by hand! After finishing it, it was in drive to more stuff like this and next I sewed and painted the banner of Gondor.

And here's the result...

 Arwen's requiem dress with the banner of Gondor

Well to be honest, this wasn't my first Lord of the Rings costume.... there has been an earlier try. It should have been something like Galadriels white cloak - and I'm not very proud.
But anyway, it was just a first try...

After finishing the LOTR stuff, I desired to do more, but something more fairytale-like. Therefore I made my own creation. Its hood and upper part is of a dark wine red (with a touch of violet) satin coated with black lace and velvet. Furthermore the front is corseted with a black silk ribbon and the skirt is pure velvet. The sleeves are made similar to the ones of the requiem dress. For the part of the upper arm I used the same fabrics as the hood and top, for the rest a softly falling black chiffon.

I really like the mystical feeling you get with this dress... I call it "the magig dress".

At least you see my blood red velvet coat. Actually I havent sewed it. I just saw ist, I fell in love with it and I bought it. It's my first medieval dress I got and I still love it.

Hope you enjoyed this little trip into my other world. I guess next time I'll write again about shabby, white and more...

Wish you a wonderful weekend 

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