Montag, 13. Juni 2011

for all who don't understand german and my friends from overseas...

Hi everyone

Mostly I write my posts in German, as it is my mothertongue. So I'm able to write more fluently. Not that could do it as well in English, but there are allways many grammar mistakes and I'm limited in my expression. But nevertheless I really love the English language and it is allways a wonderful exercise - therefore I'll try to post from time to time in English.

This site is about homestyle, interior design and contains a lot about our house and my own work and style. Personally I prefer a mixture of french living, british and skandinavian style, vintage and shabby chic with a strong influence of a country house. Quite often you can't seperate them at all.
I do love to restore the old things myself to get the lovely shabby feeling. But I also search for those things at the flee markets, brick a bracks, auctions etc.

On my point of view, there's one other incredibly beautiful style - the victorian style. For me it would be a perfect style for a house, if I'd have had one in England... a real english victorian house, indeed!

When we moved into our little country house, we decided to furnish the whole house with this kind of interor design, because the victorian style would be totaly inappropriate for this house - and we absolutely love it! Of course we've been wonderfully inspired by travelling in Britain and unfortunately barely in Switzerland (except by literature and internet at home). Therefore I'd like to give a special thanks to Nigel and Sharon from Cornwall and Mally from West Sussex, with whom I had wonderful discussions about the topic and they gave me a real support in form of ideas!

When I started to furnish the house and make a bunch of lovely things myself for this, I always picture it. And because a lot of people wanted to see it, I thought I could do it that way. So I post all the fotos, especially I try to visualize the diffrence before and after the renovation and our move-in. Due to the fact that I don't have all pics from before the renovation inside the house, I've only uploaded those from outside. Furthermore you'll finde some details and some of the selfrestored stuff like the kitchen cupboard (dresser) of my grandparents, small round table, cussions etc.

A lot more and the "before and after - indoor" will follow as soon as possible and I hope you'll enjoy it!

Cheers for now

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